New Features:

  • FlowJo Portal Authentication is now available, enabling named-user subscription (i.e. username/password).
  • Includes a new and enhanced computing engine, for improved performance.
  • Drag and drop merging of CSV parameters into data matrices now supported.
  • FlowJo is now fully GDPR compliant.


  • When saving an ACS file from a FlowJo Envoy based workspace, the default location prompt is a temporary cache folder, which will be deleted when FlowJo is closed!
    • Workaround: Save FlowJo Envoy based workspace ACS files to a known, stable local directory.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Artifacts from plugins such as tSNE are now included in ACS workspace files, so that the parameters derived there won’t be lost upon saving.

More Info

For more about features and a list of known issues, see the exhaustive release notes.