Within FlowJo v10.5+ new parameters saved in CSV format can be merged with existing data matrices by dragging and dropping directly onto appropriately matched data files.

How To

Mergeable CSV files must meet certain criteria in order to merge correctly with the target data file:

  • The CSV to merge must have the same number of events as the sample to be joined.
  • The CSV must be arranged with new parameters in columns.
  • The CSV must have either no header row or one header row.

This feature is very handy when parameters have been created by third party softwares outside FlowJo, such as R or Python scripts. Or in order to add categorical information in the form of new parameters, such as “patient ID” or “treatment” information.

For any issues utilizing the CSV merging of parameters into data matrices, please reach out to FlowJo’s technical support team: flowjo@bd.com