Plugins are apps that extend functionality of the FlowJo application, which may be developed by 3rd-party developers or by the team at FlowJo.

Please see Installing Plugins page for details on how to obtain and setup FlowJo plugins.

To learn more about the available plugins, click on the links below:

  • DownSample: Create a new gate which selects a limited number of data points/events from a sample or gated population
  • CellOntology: Determine the name or etiology of a gated cell or population
  • FlowMeans: Cluster cell populations using segmented-regression-based change point detection.

Looking to develop your own plugin?! That’s awesome – Check out the FlowSOM or FlowAI plugins for some example source code:

And reach out with any questions; We would love to help make your platform a part of FlowJo: