FlowJo has several analysis platforms that provide capabilities beyond the gating and statistics used for most simple data analysis.  All analysis platforms can be applied to multiple samples (usually, by using Groups), they are easy to edit, and all operations are saved with the Workspace for your permanent record.

Workspaces and Demo Data are provided for several of FlowJo’s platforms so that you can try out these features yourself . In addition, we have several short Tech Notes that give step-by-step instructions for FlowJo platforms and features.

  • 3D Data Visualization: This powerful data visualization tool allows you to simultaneously view 3 or more parameters using point cloud, bubble plot, or terrain plot types.
  • Boolean Gates: Combine data from existing subpopulations into a gate with your choice of Boolean properties: And, Or, And Not, Or Not.
  • Cell Cycle Analysis: FlowJo has a sophisticated, easy-to-use interface to model DNA/Cell cycle data.  This unified platform for 1D, 2D, and multidimensional analysis provides automated cell cycle stage gating and statistic calculation.
  • Compensation: Sometimes your data is not properly compensated… sometimes, it is not possible to compensate your data on the machine because of the complexity of the analysis.  FlowJo’s compensation platform makes compensating data much easier than compensation on the cytometer.
  • Derived Parameters: Let FlowJo calculate a ratio of two parameters, add a time parameter (in case you want to do Kinetics analyses), or convert between log and linear scaling.  Derived parameters can create a new parameter from any existing parameters in the data file.
  • Movies: An analysis platform unique to FlowJo:  view your data dynamically.  Use the Movie Platform to generate graphs as a function of time (kinetic analyses), or to generate a graph of one or two parameters as a function of a third.  This unique visualization lets you uncover subtle relationships in your data that would be impossible to see otherwise.
  • Plate Editor: The Plate Editor Tool allows you to add metadata to annotate FCS files and visualize data from your plate-based assays.


Coming soon to FlowJo Version 10: