FlowJo is littered with help buttons throughout the application. Clicking on one of these launches a web browser to access our web page describing that topic.

If you need immediate assistance please call us at +1 (541)-201-0022 or (800)-366-6045 or email us at flowjo@bd.com

The Help band in the Workspace contains buttons with menus of context-specific links to Help pages. ‘Workspace Links’ contains important links to documentation of Workspace functionality. ‘About’ contains two links: ‘About FlowJo’ provides configuration information, and ‘FlowJo Help’ opens the FlowJo Online Documentation Home Page in a web browser. Tell us your problems by using the ‘Contact FlowJo‘ button or view various online references linked in this menu. The ‘Instrumentation’ button contains links to Help pages related to formatting data specifically for your cytometer.