New Features:

  • Embed: Forward propagate clustering or dimensionality reduction results to new files with the same parameters.
  • Autofluorescence extraction in traditional (gate-based) compensation: Use an unstained cell data file and true zero as the background value to model autofluorescence for extraction.
  • MEM – Marker Enrichment Modeling (MEM): Re-name clusters automatically and quantitatively based on their marker expression with a human- and machine-readable label.
  • Spectral similarity scores: Calculate the cosine index for acquired data to evaluate reagent choices made in panel design based on data from your specific instrument and experimental conditions.
  • Auto-Quad gates: Automatically create quads and rectangle gates based on range gates, bi-sector gates or the data itself.
  • Clone gates: Gates with the same name can now be linked together as ‘clones’ so that their position is synchronized.
  • Native Cluster Explorer: Display line charts, bar charts, heat maps, and dimensionality reduction plots of clustered data in FlowJo without the use of a plugin.
  • Improved interactions with BD® Research Cloud: Save and load options throughout the software now include the BD® Research Cloud as an option.

More Info

For more about features and a list of known issues, see the exhaustive release notes.