New Features:

  • Spectral Plots: Create spectral plots for selected detectors and populations
  • Spectral Population Viewer: Compare populations using spectral plots
  • BD SpectralFX Technology Unmixing: Perform system-aware spectral unmixing on spectral data from BD FACSDiscoverâ„¢ S8 Cell Sorters
  • Advanced Scaling Preferences: Define data-driven, per cytometer scaling to more easily set transform properties
  • Cluster Explorer: Explore added functionality
    • Non-cluster populations can now be visualized in the cluster explorer
    • Clusters can be re-ordered within the heat map view
    • Heatmap columns can be re-ordered or hidden
    • Expanded heat map window
  • Table creation for MEM scores: Export MEM population names in a tabular format
  • Copy Transforms: In the compensation matrix editor users can now copy the transform from one compensation matrix to another, allowing per parameter transforms to be easily applied to another data set
  • Hyperfinder: Define populations identified by a computational approach with standard gates so that they might be sorted
  • NxN plot parameter mouseover: Display parameter combinations on NxN plots for easier viewing

More Info

For more about features and a list of known issues, see the exhaustive release notes.