1. Inviting Users

1 – Click on the Invite Users button.

From here you can invite users by email address: You can invite multiple users by separating email addresses with a comma or you can copy and paste a list of emails addresses from a column in excel csv file format.

a) Click “invite” to officially invite users once you have added email addresses
b) Invited users will receive an email from no-reply@flowjo.com. This email address should be whitelisted on your network, so that the recipients can receive emails from this sender.
c) The user will click on a button in the invitation email. That button will redirect them out to the create-user FlowJo Portal page where they will create their account.
d) After their account creation, the user will login to FlowJo Portal and accept their group license invite via a pop-up banner on the top right corner of their FlowJo Portal account page.
e) After the user has clicked on the acceptance link in the banner, they will be an active user on the FlowJo Portal group license.
f) The user can now login to FlowJoTM Software with their FlowJo Portal username/password.
*If a user has not received their invite and you have confirmed that they have a valid email address, have the user check their spam or junk folders. If the invite from no-reply@flowjo.com cannot be located in the user’s inbox or spam/junk folders, please contact james.kidwell@bd.com, so we can check out email sender’s bounce list.

2. Managing Users

a) A group license admin can manage users on their account by checking the box next to the user’s profile and clicking the button Manage Users.

b) After the admin clicks on the Manage Users button, a module will pop-up prompting to mark the user as active, inactive, or set deactivation date.

  • Active – Makes the user active
  • Inactive – Makes the user inactive and frees up a seat on the group license
  • Setting a deactivation date – Makes the user inactive on a specific date and frees up a seat on the group license on that specified deactivation date. This is a nice feature for admins who know a user’s termination date or day that the user will no longer need FlowJoTM Software

3. Filtering

Admins can filter on the User’s page by clicking into the Filter field and checking Active or Inactive.

4. License Period

The group license subscription term (license period) is surfaced in the User’s page and can be referenced by the admin. If the group license has expired, an (expiration) note will sit to the left of the license period field.

5. Export User List

Admins can export all the date in the User’s table by clicking on the Export User List button on the User’s page. The data will export as a CSV file. Field/Table Export List below:

  • Name: First Name, Last Name and Email Address
  • Status: Active or Inactive
  • Created Date: Date that the user joined the group license
  • Current Start Date: Current term start date
  • Current End Date: Current term end date
  • Last Used Date: Date that the user last signed into FlowJo with their FlowJo Portal username/password
  • Custom Fields: Custom fields that the admin has created

6-7. Rows/Pagination

The User’s page defaults to 20 rows of users per page. An admin can increase the rows per page by clicking on the Rows field and increase the row amount.

If an admin does not want to increase the number of rows per page, they can simply move pages by clicking on the page right/left carrot.

8. Sorting

Admins can sort on the User’s page by clicking on the blue carrot next to the field on the User table.

9. Searching for Users on the User’s Page

Admins can search for user on the User’s page by clicking on the magnifying glass icon and typing in the email address, first name or last name.

10. Toggling between different Group Licenses

Admins can switch between different group licenses that they are managing by clicking on the down carrot and selecting the appropriate group. If you are an admin for only one group, the User’s page will default to that group.

11. Toggling between FlowJoTM Software and SeqGeqTM Software Admin Tools

If you are an admin for a SeqGeqTM Software group license, you can click on the SeqGeq tab to enter the User’s page for your SeqGeq group license.