FlowJo Portal allows researchers to purchase or renew licensing, schedule demos, download FlowJo, manage their password, sign up for trials, review their license term and provides access a variety of training materials.

Product Tabs

Click on the tabs at the top of the FlowJo Portal account page to explore the different bioinformatics data analysis tools provided by FlowJo. FlowJo currently offers two products, FlowJo and SeqGeq.

Sign Up for a Trial

A user can request a free trial for FlowJo and SeqGeq through FlowJo Portal. The FlowJo free trial is still managed through hardware ID and serial number. However, in FlowJo Portal users can request a SeqGeq 60-day trial right in FlowJo Portal. Navigate to the appropriate tab within your Portal account, and click the button to request a trial:

Note: SeqGeq trials become active at the time you click that trial button.

To activate a license for SeqGeq once your trial has expired, you can request a quote from our sales and licensing experts, or write to flowjooffice@bd.com.

Change your Password

You can change your password by clicking on the change PW link after navigating to the user icon.

License Status

FlowJo Portal gives researchers the ability to monitor the status of their license under the License button on the left side menu.

Users can also manage the 4 computers that they have access to through the Manage Devices button on this page. To review the 4 computers that you can run FlowJo on, click the Manage link on this page. If a user needs to replace one of their computers, they can do this via the Manage Devices tool. Each user is allotted 4 device removals annually for lost, stolen, upgraded or broken computers.

  1. Release = Paid License
  2. Trial – Trial License
  3. Inactive License = License has expired


At the bottom of the FlowJo Portal environment you’ll notice a set of links that make educational and interesting materials easily accessible.

For questions or concerns regarding your FlowJo Portal account, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at flowjooffice@bd.com.