In order to access the FlowJo Portal ( you simply need to create an account and log in. We recommend using Google Chrome when working with FlowJo Portal as it is the most heavily tested browser.

Create an Account

To create a FlowJo Portal account you’ll need to fill out a short form:

Account Activation

The FlowJo Portal account requires you verify your email address. As a result, signing up for a FlowJo Portal account will generate an email containing a link which must be clicked in order to activate your account, and allows users to access the FlowJo Portal environment:

This will in turn generate a confirmation email to let you know you’ve successfully verified your unique email address.

Logging In

Post verification, you’ll be able to access your FlowJo Portal User Account by logging into FlowJo Portal.


The last step is to accept the FlowJo Portal End-User License Agreement (EULA) and Privacy Policy. Acceptance of the EULA and Privacy Policy is an important step each user must complete in order to utilize the FlowJo Portal tool. These legal agreements protect both the researcher and FlowJo. Please review the EULA and Privacy Policy on this page prior to accepting these terms and conditions. We have linked both policies below if you need to review them outside of FlowJo Portal. If you would like a copy of these documents, please contact

  1. FlowJo Portal EULA
  2. FlowJo Privacy Policy

Accessing FlowJo or SeqGeq with your FlowJo Portal account

In order to activate a license for FlowJo or SeqGeq a customer must first purchase a license or request a trial. If you are interested in purchasing a license, please request a quote in our Customer Order Center or contact our sales and licensing experts at .


FlowJo Trials are not currently licensed through FlowJo Portal. Please request a serial number based license here if you would like trial access to FlowJo.


If you are interested in trialing SeqGeq, please submit a trial request by signing into FlowJo Portal.

  1. Create an account or login to your already created FlowJo Portal account
  2. Click on the SeqGeq tab
  3. Click on the Free Trial button
  4. Submit the Trial Request form
  5. Download SeqGeq and sign in with your FlowJo Portal username and password.