In order to access the FlowJo Portal you simply need to create an account and log in.


Create an Account

To create a FlowJo Portal account you’ll need to fill out a¬†short form:


Account Activation

The FlowJo Portal account requires you verify your email address. As a result, signing up for a FlowJo Portal account will generate an email containing a link which must be clicked in order to activate your account, and allows users to access the FlowJo Portal environment:


This will in turn generate a confirmation email to let you know you’ve successfully verified your unique email address.


Logging In

In order to access your User Account or Admin Tools you’ll first need to log into your FlowJo Portal¬†account:



Acceptance of the end user license agreement (EULA) is an important step each user must complete in order to utilize the FlowJo Portal tool. As such the first time you sign into FlowJo Portal will prompt you to accept this legal agreement, which protects both the researcher and FlowJo.

As a part of this process we also ask that researchers review our policies regarding GDPR before going forward into the FlowJo Portal environment.


Activating a License

To activate a license for FlowJo or SeqGeq you can request a quote from our sales and licensing experts, contact