Researchers accessing FlowJo Portal-enabled platforms such as FlowJo or SeqGeq have the ability to authorize the software on up to 4 computers of their choosing, one computer at a time.

Your FlowJo Portal account allows you access to FlowJo or SeqGeq on up to four computers. You can only be signed into one computer at a time. When you sign in to FlowJo or SeqGeq with your FlowJo Portal ID, that device is automatically associated with your FlowJo Portal account and added to your list of authorized devices, if you have authorized device slots available. *Device = Computer

To manage the devices associated with your account, sign in to FlowJo Portal and select License on the left menu bar. Then select Manage Devices to manage what devices are authorized for FlowJo or SeqGeq.

This will list all of the authorized devices currently associated with your license:

This dialog will allow you to remove an authorized device from the list in order to replace it with a new one.

This Operation Can Only Be Performed 4 Times Per Year for Any Individual Account.

If you attempt to sign in to FlowJo on more than 4 devices, you’ll get a notification prompting you to update your account’s authorized devices list (illustrated above). You can only remove a device 4 times per year.

  • Site License admins cannot add or remove devices for individual users.
  • If you own an individual license and do not belong to a group based license, the device reset is based on your license start date +365 days and considers each new year.
  • If you own a seat on a group license the device removal reset date is based on the month/day that you joined the group license (start date) + 365 days and considers each new year.
  • For questions on setting up or utilizing FlowJo Portal, reach out to our licensing experts at