FlowJo Portal is the newest licensing system to access FlowJo™ v10 and SeqGeq™ annual subscription licenses.

A FlowJo Portal Site License is a user-based licensing system for institutions with at least 5 users that run FlowJo and/or SeqGeq. It is billed annually and is the most cost effective way to license multiple users at the same institution or lab. Site licenses are self-managed with administrator tools in FlowJo Portal.

To utilize your FlowJo Portal administrator privileges you may want some initial simple instructions. If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Accessing Admin Tools

Sign into your FlowJo Portal account and confirm that you are on the FlowJo (or the product you have a site license of) product tab. Click on your FlowJo Portal avatar on the upper right and choose Admin Tools from the drop-down menu. This will take you to the administrative tools where you can manage licenses and user access to the various FlowJo software products available from your FlowJo Portal suite. You can choose the product to manage by selecting on the appropriate tab at the top of the page.

On the left there is a menu to select between different tools: Users, Invites, Reports, or Settings. These interfaces have some differences depending on the product you select.


The Users page is where you can manage individual users who licenses are assigned to as well as product specific user permissions. As a Admin, you can modify which users are displayed with the license status drop-down selector and the search field.  Displayed registrations can also be sorted by column by clicking on the ‘carrot’ icon next to the header.

Adding User(s): To add users to your product license click the “Invite Users” button within any of the product tabs.  You can enter one email address or a list of comma or line separated email addresses.  This will generate an email user invitation to sign up for FlowJo Portal. That email comes with instructions to create a FlowJo Portal account and once the account is active they will immediately be registered on the license. If you are inviting users in bulk, FlowJo Portal will only allow you to send invites to 100 emails at a time.

Note: You can only add users up to the number of seats that you have purchased and users must have email addresses that are on your institution’s email suffix whitelist. 

Managing User(s): You can check the box next to a user (or multiple users). Doing so will activate the “Manage Users” button where licenses and permissions can be managed.  


Administrators can view and manage their list of user’s invited to their site’s FlowJo Portal by selecting the Invites section of the Admin tools. Here Site Admins can resend site invitations to users and revoke invitations.

Reports Overview

The Reports page varies greatly based on the product tab selected and associated license model.

The SeqGeq and FlowJo Reports page displays the number of purchased seats, active seats, and open seats. A link to “Contact Sales” will prompt you to email our Sales and Licensing experts at flowjooffice@bd.com.


The Settings page is where your product license settings can bu customized.  There are currently minimal settings but there will be new functionality  released in the near future.

SeqGeq and FlowJo Display your institution’s whitelisted email suffixes.  This ensures that only users associated with your institution can join your license.

For further assistance getting started with your FlowJo Portal site, please contact support at flowjoportal@bd.com.