1 – Click on the Invite Users button. From here you can invite users by email address.


*You can invite multiple users by separating email addresses with a comma or you can copy and paste a list of emails addresses from a column in excel csv file format. If you are inviting users in bulk, FlowJo Portal will only allow you to send invites to 100 emails at a time.

Click “Invite” to officially invite users once you have added email addresses

Invited users will receive an email from no-reply@flowjo.com. This email address should be whitelisted on your network, so that the recipients can receive emails from this sender.

The user will click on a button in the invitation email. That button will redirect them out to the create-user FlowJo Portal page where they will create their account.

After their account creation, the user will login to FlowJo Portal and accept their group license invite via a pop-up banner on the top right corner of their FlowJo Portal account page.

After the user has clicked on the acceptance link in the banner, they will be an active user on the FlowJo Portal group license.

The user can now login to FlowJoTM Software with their FlowJo Portal username/password.

2 – Revoke Invite

Admins can revoke an invitation by checking the box on the user’s account and then clicking the Revoke Invite button. This will remove the invitation from the Invite User’s page and the invitation email that the user receives will be invalid if they try to use the invitation to join the group license.

5 – Resend Invite

Admins can resend and invite by checking the box on the user’s account and then clicking the Resend Invite button. This will resend the invite if the invite has expired. Invites expire after 30 days. If the invite has expired, the user’s invitation email to join the group license will be invalid and they won’t be able to join the group license through the expired invite email.

*If a user has not received their invite and you have confirmed that they have a valid email address, have the user check their spam or junk folders. If the invite from no-reply@flowjo.com cannot be located in the user’s inbox or spam/junk folders, please contact james.kidwell@bd.com, so we can check out email sender’s bounce list.

6 – Export Invites List

Admins can export all the date in the Invite User’s table by clicking on the Export Invites List button on the Invite User’s page. The data will export as a CSV file.

  • Name – First name and last name are not populated because the user still needs to create their account, which they do through the invite.
  • Email Address
  • Status: Pending or Expired
  • Invite Sent: Date that the invite was sent
  • Invite Expires: Date that the invite expires