1. Select the Manage Shared Computers icon from the tab on the lefthand side of your browser window, then click the Add New Shared Computer button.
  2. Enter the hexidecimal Hardware Address as well as the Name and Contact Label of the computer you would like to activate.
  • Please note that every user on a shared computer must have their own FlowJo Portal account. Users who are only accessing FlowJo on a Shared Computer do not need to be invited to join the group license, they simply only need to create a free FlowJo Portal account by visiting cloud.flowjo.com. After they create their account, they will be able to login to FlowJo with their FlowJo Portal credentials on the Shared Computer(s).
  • Group Licenses require that every FlowJo Portal ID accessing a shared computer must be from the institution’s approved email domains. Users who have an existing FlowJo Portal account with a different email domain must create a new account with an approved email domain as the FlowJo Portal ID.

  • Admins can use Shared Computers seats as User seats, so if you do not use all of your allocated Shared Computer seats you can still invite users to join the group license and utilize remaining Shared Computer seats.
  • If a user owns a User seat, meaning they have been invited to join the group license and are an active user, the Shared Computer seat registered Hardware Address will not be counted as one of their Authorized Devices.