Offset your quads

In version 10 of FlowJo, you can manipulate the side arms independently for any one dimension. As you can see in the image below, the arms of the quad in the vertical direction are moved independently. The quad is still left in tact, so it behaves like a quad if moved or modified.

*please note that the arms can be offset in only one direction, meaning I can offset the vertical lines OR the horizontal lines. You cannot do a horizontal and vertical offset.

A2 .fcs_ Ungated - FlowJo

To use this feature, simply grab one of the arms of the quad and drag it. This will break the quad arms. Grabbing the center of the quad will restore the quad gate.

This feature is very useful when the expression profile is not symmetrical and you would still like to use a quad gate. Many cell surface markers, phosphoproteins, and activation markers have a continuum of expression and are not simply on/off. Due to the spreading effects of multi-color flow, the “bright” population of one parameter may not be symmetrical to the “bright” parameter of the double positive population. Traditionally, to account for the continuum when gating, you would need to make several adjoining gates. However, with this new feature, you can still utilize a quad gate and then offset an arm or two!

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