There are at least as many different possibilities when planning an analysis strategy in SeqGeq, as there are cell types to explore.

In the following pages we detail some broad possible directions a researcher might take, and considerations involved for each.



The tack used for a given analysis should be tailored to the model investigated, the questions a researcher is attempting to answer, and the technology used to acquire the data.

Keep in mind that each step in an analysis protocol can be re-iterated over deeper subpopulations discovered, as well as the initial sample. You won’t always get the best results on your first try – so try adjusting the parameter quality gating for downstream analysis, or adjusting settings for dimensionality reduction visualizations to improve on cluster separation.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match techniques! These workflows are only suggestions and a robust analysis protocol may use tool described in any of the following workflows.



Coming Soon!

  • Barcoded Antibody Sequencing
  • High Parameter Flow

If you’re still having trouble getting results from your data, or choosing a method of approach, don’t hesitate to reach out: