SeqGeq™ (SEEK-GEEK) helps you extract insight from the individuality of single-cell gene expression.

Each cell is a complex, unique individual, containing between 50,000 and 300,000 transcripts. SeqGeq™ analyzes gene expression data, particularly from single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq).

SeqGeq was built by and for scientists, with powerful data reduction tools to help you discover, cluster, and subset populations and relationships. It also includes visualization tools—including heat mapping and easy-to-use report editors—to help you communicate your results.

How to Use this Site

You’ve come to the official documentation site for SeqGeq™. This site provides high-level descriptions of some of SeqGeq’s core functions. More content will be coming soon.

You can access this site directly using the help button  from within the SeqGeq application.

Learn More

For introductory presentations about SeqGeq’s capabilities and features, visit FlowJo University.