New Features:

  • Improved authentication. The HTTPS connections to FlowJo Portal for authentication/authorization purposes can be secured by either a FlowJo SSL certificates or newly by an SSL certificates installed by the end user’s corporate security or IT.
  • Total Spread Matrix (TSM) is now available for matrices created in FlowJo. TSM is the Spillover Spreading Matrix (SSM) without normalization to the florescent intensity of the probe. Panel designers consider the brightness of a dye as well as its spread as factors impacting that ability to separate populations. These factors are combined in the SSM metric, but de-coupled in TSM so that the designer may factor in the total spread introduced into a panel apart from brightness. This new measure is available in the SSM dropdown in the Compensation Editor.

More Info

For more about features and a list of known issues, see the exhaustive release notes.