This band provides the opportunity to create new gates, edit sample annotations, view metadata, and rename populations.

Populations Band




Selecting a sample in the workspace and clicking the Gate button opens the Graph window for that specific sample. From here, the user can view that sample’s data in various formats and draw different subpopulations for the sample.

Graph Window
Overview of the sample graph window
Tutorial on gating and helpful links
Drawing Gates
How to draw gates in the graph window
Magnetic Gates
How to make gates magnetic
Editing Gates
Moving vertices or gates and changing gate properties
Manual Gate Entry
How to add a gate by specifying upper and lower limits
Quadrant Tool
Creating quadrant gates
Curly Quadrant Tool
How to gate curly quads
Copying Gates/Analysis or Objects
How to copy gates from one sample to another


This dialog follows the sample properties, metadata, compensation matrix and sample quality metrics.


Clicking this button allows you to change the given name of the selected population.