This band contains computational tools available for use within FlowJo.


Create a T-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding (tSNE) plots. tSNE is an unsupervised nonlinear dimensionality reduction algorithm useful for visualizing high dimensional flow or mass cytometry data sets in a dimension-reduced data space. 

Cluster Explorer

Explore populations found with clustering tools through interactive plots displaying population frequencies, marker profiles, and clusters overlaid on low-dimension maps. Images can be copied to the clipboard or FlowJo layout editor.


Marker Enrichment Modeling (MEM) is a quantitative naming system for populations. It provides a way to automatically give non-heuristic names to discovered populations.


Embed is a tool for forward-propagating derived parameters to new data.


Plugins are apps that extend functionality of the FlowJo application. This button will give you access to the plugins installed on your computer. 

Please see Installing Plugins page for details on how to obtain and setup FlowJo plugins.