The Help band contains information about using FlowJo. From this band the user can check version info, access tutorials, user manuals, email and link to the official FlowJo blog.

Workspace Links



Clicking the About icon opens a dropdown menu with two options. The “About” button opens a window that contains version, engine, Java, and OS information, as well as release notes for the current version and system properties. The “FlowJo Help” button opens the FlowJo Online Documentation page in your web browser, allowing you to view the user manuals for FlowJo.


Clicking this icon opens a dropdown menu from which you can choose from several options for contacting FlowJo. The menu contains links to The Daily Dongle (FlowJo’s official blog), online tutorials, and technical notes. In addition, the menu contains a form for submitting a bug report.


Clicking this icon will lead you to help documentation pertinent to your cytometer-specific data characteristics.