The Tables Band contains a list of tables created by the user. From this band the user can choose which table to view, delete tables, and create new ones.



Clicking this icon will create a new, blank table in the Table Editor. You will be taken to this new Table upon creation, which by default will be named “Table.” You may give it a new name by double-clicking on it in the list to the right of the icon.


Clicking this icon creates a duplicate of whichever table is currently selected in the list (the table highlighted in blue). By default, this duplicate table will be named the same as the original followed by “-1”. Duplicating the table a second time will create a table with the original name followed by “-2” and so on.


Clicking this icon will delete the table that is currently selected in the list.

You can click on the hollow square just to the left of the table name and give it a color of your choice. This is useful if you would like to quickly single out a particular table amidst a long list.


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