FlowJo’s Table Editor supports the alternate display of tabular information via plots. Available plots include Time Series, Correlation, Line, and 3D plots.


Access plots via the Plots band within the Visualize tab in the Table Editor’s ribbon:



Time Series Plots

Time series plots require the input of one or more columns: select one or more of your table’s columns, then click the Time Series button. It returns a 1D plot of your selected column(s) vs. the range of time points constructed from the data selection in the current group.



Correlation Plots

Correlation plots require the input of two columns — select them, then click the Correlation button. A 2D correlation of your two parameters will be displayed. Axis labels can be long sometimes, so we suggest using custom names when creating correlation plots.



Line Plots

Line plots are similar to correlation plots, but they display lines connecting events for a 2D tracking of one parameter with respect to another. Line plots also require the input of two columns.



3D Plots

3D plots require the input of 3 columns; these columns will be displayed in a 3D point cloud, for 3D visualization of your parameters. You can click and drag the plot to view it from different angles; if you click the plot, hold down the mouse and drag it to the side, then release the mouse, the plot will be set into a spin — clicking anywhere on the plot again will bring it to a stop.