FlowJo’s Table Editor Ribbon is customizable to give you quick access to frequently used tools.


The Ribbon contains a set of tabs and bands, along with access buttons for displaying a table, Ribbon Configuration, Preferences, Help, and adding a new table. The bands within the Table Editor that can be added to its ribbon are shown below:


For more information about these bands, please see:

Tables Band

Columns/Commands Band

Plots Band

Iteration Band

Clipboard Band

Formatting Band

Output Band 

For more information about the Table Editor, please see:

Table Column Information

Adding Table Columns

Batching in the Table Editor

Table Iteration Options

Menus for a Generated Table

Tables in Layouts

Table Editor Export Options

Plots in the Table Editor

Heat Maps & Conditional Formatting

Table Editor Preferences

Statistics in the Table Editor

Time Series Plots in the Table Editor

Defining Column Formatting in the Table Editor

Keywords and Tables