Save as... will provide the following filetype options for saving your table: Text, CSV, Excel, HTML, SQL, XML Excel, and XML FlowJo.

Print will bring up the Print dialog for printing your table.

Close will close the generated table. A generated table will not be saved with a Workspace, but the contents of the Table Editor will be saved with the Workspace.


Copy table to Clipboard will copy the generated table to your OS clipboard for pasting into Excel, Numbers, or another spreadsheet program.

Delete Selected Rows will remove currently selected rows from the table, and recalculate summary statistics based on their absence.

Select All will select all the rows of the generated table.

Select None will deselect all rows in the table.

Resize Columns will calculate the appropriate sizes for columns based on the contents of the headers.

Find will bring up a dialog where you can enter text. FlowJo will highlight any row with the selected text.

Show Summary Stats can be selected to show summary statistics appended to the end of the table.

Add to Layout will place a copy of the generated table into the current layout in the Layout Editor. (more details here)

Create Group from Selection allows you to create a new group in the Workspace that contains the samples selected in the generated table.


Search is a field in which you can enter text and quickly find menu options and/or help topics related to your search.

Help will take you to the Table Overview documentation webpage.