Select the License button in Preferences to open the License preferences. The License preferences has been broken down into sections with detailed descriptions below.

FlowJo Portal Access:
Email: Lists the last portal email that was used.
Show Remember Me: Ticking this will show the option when logging into portal to remember your user name and password so you will not need to enter it as often in the future.
FlowJo Portal: Selecting this button will prompt users to log in to their portal account.

Serial Number:
Hardware Address: FlowJo uses this number to connect your license to your computer.
Serial Number: Copy and Paste your License number here to permanently unlock all of FlowJo’s features.

Proxy Settings
Proxy Settings: If you use a proxy to access the Internet, enter your settings. This will allow FlowJo to access the World Wide Web for help files and other references.
Use HTTPS for authentication requests: Ticking this box will make FlowJo use an HTTPS URL to access our servers rather than an HTTP address. Some user networks may prefer one of these two formats.

Note: If you are behind a proxy server, please enter the Proxy info BEFORE entering the serial number:

  1. Enter proxy server/port, and/or user name/password.
  2. Click OK
  3. Re-open the prefs dialog
  4. Enter serial number.

Email Options
Default Addressee: Select To: address for emails (default setting is “”).
Reply-To Address: Enter a contact address for FlowJo to reply to.
Email problems to FlowJo: Check to enable an email dialogue when a problem occurs.

Authorization Level: Auto- selects permission levels.
Add Samples: Check to let user add samples to the workspace.
Add Gates: Check if the user has permission to add gates to the data.
Edit Gates:  Check if the user has permission to edit gates.
Save Workspace: Check if the user has permission to save the workspace.
Save Template:  Check if the user has permission to save the workspace as a template.
Run Batches:  Check if the user has permission to user the Layout Editor and create batched layouts.
Set Preferences:  Check if the user has permission to set preference levels, including these, in FlowJo.
Check For New Versions: Select if you want FlowJo to automatically check for newer versions available on startup.
Check for New Beta Versions: Select if you want FlowJo to automatically check for cutting edge test versions available on startup.