Select the Workspace button in the Preferences tool to open the Workspace preferences.

Sample Display Naming
FCS Default: Uses the FCS standard identification keyword as the display name for samples in the workspace.

Use Short File Name: Uses the file name as seen by the operating system for sample names

Use Full Path and File: Used when resolving many samples with the same name. In this case, FlowJo will show you both the file path (e.g.file://

Keyword Combination: This changes the file name the any keyword preferred. Sort the workspace by keyword in this drop down box Note: This is different when data is present, as shown here. Press to clear the keyword combination.

Draw Row Borders: Draw horizontal lines between successive rows in the table
Draw Column Borders: Draw vertical lines dividing all the columns
Sort order keyword: Sort the samples in the workspace according to the value of any keyword. If samples have a “well id” keyword, samples will now be sorted by the keyword “well id”, or if that keyword is not found, then by the sorted by  preference. That means for some data the sorting preference may be ignored.

Decimal Precision: Enter number of decimal places shown in statistics values

Significant Figures: Select to use 1.23E2 formatting ( this format is called Scientific notation)

Show all keywords in menus: Keyword menus will show all possible keywords

Check Sample Quality As Loaded: If enabled, all files will be examined for consistency by medians of parameters v. time upon loading (this may slow sample load time).  One can also check sample quality on individual or groups of samples using the “Check Sample Quality” button in the Tools tab under the instrumentation band.

Disable Undo: If checked, undo will be bypassed. May improve performance.

Quit if last workspace closes: If checked, closing the last workspace will exit FlowJo.

Saving Workspaces
Enable autosave: If checked it will prompt the user to save after the set number of minutes.