Select the Layouts button in the Preferences window to open the Layouts-specific preferences.


Layout Options
Batch Format: This specifies where a new batch will be output; applies to new layouts in new workspaces. A batch report can be exported to a new layout, or to several other export options.

Default Zoom: Choose the default zoom for newly opened layouts.

Iteration Type: Select Sample from this menu to prepare the Layout Editor for batching. More

batching options are described here. The Off setting prepares a static layout.

Destination Folder: Choose a destination folder for layout output files.

Plot Orientation Horizontal: If checked, a selection of multiple populations dragged to the layout will be oriented horizontally.

Use Placeholders: Select this box to use empty placeholder plots instead of visible plots in the layout. This speeds up work on large, complex analyses.

Batch Row Width: Set the width of the Batch Row.

Double-Click opens Graph: This toggle governs whether double-clicking opens a graph window or chart properties.

Offset Histogram Overlays: Select this box to offset overlaid histograms vertically by default.

Fill Histogram Overlays: Solid colored fields under the distribution.

Drag Mismatch Policy: If batching is set to a sample name, and a different sample is dragged in to the Layout Editor, this setting tells FlowJo to:

  1. Turn Iteration off
  2. Change the dragged sample to the one currently specified in the Layout.
  3. Change the Layout setting to match the new sample.
  4. Cancel the action.
  5. Ask the user to choose.

Default Plate/Grid Size: Enter column value for Plate/Grid size.

Default Plate/Grid Size: Enter row value for Plate/Grid size.

Draw Borders Around Text: When checked, new text boxes have border by default.

Include Full Statistic On Drop: Add dropped statistics with name and parameter information.

Add Header: When checked, a default page header with time and document information is included.

Show Page Breaks: When checked, page boundaries and page numbers are drawn by default.

Add Footer: When checked, a default page footer with user and version information is included.

Show Background Grid: When checked, the background grid is visible by default.

Line Color: Set the line color for plates and grids of items in reports.

Minimal Chart In Grids: Hide axes and annotations for populations dragged into a grid.

Fill Color: Set the background color for plates and grids of items in reports.

Background Grid Size: Set the background grid size.