From the Layout Editor, graphical layouts can be exported in a variety of formats:

– to clipboard (copy/paste)


– to file (save or batch-to-file)


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Batch Outputs

Copy/Paste of images within FlowJo or to a 3rd party application like PPT (PowerPoint)

If taking your data to PowerPoint or Microsoft Office products, the EMF format option is recommended if you are ungrouping your data and changing attributes (n.b. EMF output will not save special characters e.g. greek). Ungrouping is only supported in Powerpoint 2003 and previous versions.

If taking your data to Illustrator (at your own risk for we do not fully support Illustrator) or other Adobe products, the SVG option is recommended.

The available options for export from the Layout Editor are:

Batch output options




Web page

Web Animation


Single Layout Export Options

File Tab -> Export Image….. pdf, svg, emf, png, jpg, gif and tiff.


These can be selected from the drop down menu.

Save Image As… brings up a Save dialog box, prompting you to name and save the layout as an image file.

Note: Saving As… EMF does not work with shaded or filled images. This includes tinted gates.

Click Layout Editor Menus for more info…

For more information on setting preferences click File Formats


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