The Layout Editor has a number of options to display your graphs (charts) and annotate your data.

Changing visualization and annotation: The central place to go to edit charts and add annotation is the Graph Definition Window, which can be accessed by double-clicking on a graph.

Visualization options: Here are a handful of visualization options that can be accessed by right-clicking on a graph including Backgating, which reveals the effect of every gate in the gating tree of a multi-generation gated population, and adjunct histograms which displays univariate (histogram) displays of data in a bivariate graph.

Comparing samples: A great way to compare many samples is through the use of Overlays and Multigraph Overlay.

Setting up large layouts: Really useful tools for the display of many graphs are placeholders and Layout Grids.

Annotating data: Legends and adding graph annotation allows you to add additional information about your samples including statistics and keywords.