Adjunct Histograms display the univariate plots that correspond to the parameters used to create a bivariate plot. They can be a helpful tool, especially for visualizing edge events that may blend into the axes of a two dimensional plot.

They are an available option in the Layout Editor.

When displayed, the upper univariate plot (histogram) displays that X-axis parameter distribution, and the right histogram shows the Y-axis parameter distribution.

  1. Drag a population or subpopulation node from the workspace to the layout editor. Change the graph type, if desired, by double clicking on the plot to bring up the Graph Definition window.
  2. Right-click inside the plot, and choose Adjunct Histograms (it will become checked).
  3. To hide the adjunct histograms, right-click again on the plot and choose Adjunct Histograms again (it will become unchecked).

Fig 1:  Using Adjunct Histogram to show relative size of Q1 vs Q3 populations.