Make a Hollywood production of your flow cytometry data!

If you want to track fluorescence over time, maybe upon activation or over a time series, a batched report as a movie can be incredibly useful! However, there are many uses for movies from reports in the Layout Editor.

The movies generated in the Layout Editor are oriented towards visualizing trends or differences among samples as opposed to the Graph Window where the focus is on a single parameter in one file.

Click the layout tab in the Layout Editor when you have the prototype frame laid out to your satisfaction.

This will bring up the Create Batch Report dialog where you can select Animation or Web Animation (out of the drop down menu). When you select the Create Batch Report button, a movie will be generated with a frame for each sample in the current group. To open the Animation movie with Quicktime right click on the file and select “open with” Quicktime.

Movies will obey iteration settings. This means that they follow normal FlowJo batch operations and will only produce images for samples in the group being batched, one frame per sample.  Web Animation movies will open in your default web browser.

To learn more about making movies in the Graph Window, please see this page.