The Rectangle tool is used for drawing simple boxes and frames in the Layout Editor. Select this tool then click and drag anywhere in your layout to draw a rectangle. To resize it, click on one of the dark handles at the corners of the rectangle. To move it, mouse over the edge of the rectangle (or anywhere in a filled rectangle) and, when a four way arrow appears, click and drag.

Customizing the rectangle is done through the Object Tab. Simply select the Object tab for customization tools:

Properties in Object Tab:

  1. Choose a fill color by clicking on the Fill drop down menu.
  2. Choose a line color by clicking on the Line drop down menu.
  3. Choose a line weight by selecting the Line Weight drop down menu.
  4. Choose a line style by selecting from the Line Style drop down menu.



Right Click Options

Right clicking on the rectangle will give you the options to:

  1. Paste
  2. Create Batch Report
  3. Scale to Page
  4. Scale to Width
  5. Scale to height

Click here for more information on Layout Editor tools.