To add a header and/or footer to your layout or table when it is printed or output, select Edit Header/Footer from the Document band (for layouts) or the Clipboard band (for tables) .



Check the box in the dialog to have FlowJo include either a header, a footer or both. Standard

HTML can be used for rich text, and images are supported.



There are special tags:

  1. <Date/> Adds the current date in the form mmm/dd/yyyy
  2. <LongDate/> Includes the day of the week in the date.
  3. <Time/> Includes the current time in 12 hour format.
  4. <Version/> Includes the version of FlowJo in which the report is produced.
  5. <Pagenumber/> Automatically numbers the pages of the report in the header/footer.

The headers and footers are saved individually for each layout.