Select the Diagnostics button in Preferences to open the Diagnostics specific preferences.

Open Engine Interaction Window: If checked, FlowJo will start with the engine interaction window; may sometimes be necessary to troubleshoot network licensing related problems.

Local Website: Enter URL for local help access.

Local Contact: Enter your email address for replies from Technical Support. Write default values to preference file: If checked, FlowJo will not change the preferences in your local preference file.

Watch Sample Cache Threshold: When ‘Watch Sample Cache’ is enabled, FlowJo will notice when a sample is flushed and then reloaded into the sample cache.  If it occurs more than Threshold number of times, a dialog will pop up suggesting to increase the sample cache size.

FCS Scan tool’s update period: Set the time period for opening platforms using shortcut keys. Useful if you always use two FCS scan window or two Derived Parameters window.

Action Delay (in ms): Enter the window of time between an action is initiated and the next action is initiated by the user. Increasing this window can help prevent users from accidentally executing the same action twice if two requests are made in rapid succession.

R path: The path to the R installation on the users computer. This is required to use R based plugins.
For Mac users a typical R path is /usr/local/bin/R
For PC users a typical R path is C:\Program Files\R\YourRVersion\bin\x64
*PC users will need to specify the version of R they are using in the path. IE C:\Program Files\R\R-4.1.0\bin\x64

Remove Irrelevant Groups and Batched Layouts when Template is saved: This option will remove empty groups and batched layouts when the workspace is saved as a template.

Open Multiversioned .acs Files Silently: Checking this option will open the newest workspace when opening Archive files instead of prompting the user which workspace version they would like to select.

Minimize Ribbon by Default: Checking this option will minimize the ribbon by default when FlowJo is opened.

Scan for Plugins: If this option is selected FlowJo will search the default plugin path location for its plugins. The plugin path can also be entered manually in the blank box or it can be manually selected by searching for the plugins folder with the “choose” button.

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