The license type that you pursue should depend on your number of users and simultaneous access requirements


A dongle is a small security device that plugs into your computer. It acts like a mobile serial number for FlowJo, allowing users to run FlowJo on any number of computers (one at a time).

Mac OS Catalina and newer require v10.6.2 or newer to auth with a Dongle.

FlowJo version access generally depends on the date of purchase for the Dongle. Newer Dongles will not allow access to any FlowJo version greater than the 10 series.

We do not replace lost dongles. Stolen, broken or malfunctioning dongles will be replaced for a $300 fee + shipping.

FlowJo Portal User Based Licensing

FlowJo Portal is our user-based licensing system for FlowJo annual subscriptions.  Once you create a FlowJo Portal account and your license is activated, you can sign into FlowJo on up to 4 computers with a valid internet connection, one computer at a time. Each user based account also has the ability to replace 4 computers annually, just in case a computer fails or is upgraded.

Also, we offer a 24 hour offline period—no dongle or hardware address required.

FlowJo Portal Group License

Large institutions with numerous users typically have user based accounts tied to a group license. This is the ideal licensing method and the cheapest.

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