To obtain a better fitting model, you can fix the location of the undivided population. Click on the curve of the undivided population and drag the center line to place the curve in the optimum position.  The black control handles can be dragged to independently adjust width and height, left and right arrow keys move the whole curve, up arrow key increases width, down arrow key decreases width.

Other options to constrain the model for an optimal model fit are:

  1. Fix the ratio of fluorescence between successive peaks
  2. Define the CV (width) of each peak
  3. Fix Zero: Use the unstimulated population as a reference to fix the zero point of the peak for the undivided population.


If you have difficulty fitting a model, choose the sample with the best data and determine the Ratio, CV, and Zero parameters. These parameters can then be fixed (by checking the boxes) and applied to the difficult to fit sample by dragging the Proliferation Node to the other samples.