Listed below is some external documentation regarding the Kinetics platform.


Intracellular ionized calcium, magnesium, membrane potential and pH. Rabinovitch and June, Flow Cytometry, by M. G. Ormerod

Measurement of Calcium Mobilization Responses in Killer Cell/Target Conjugates by FACS Analysis. Vallitutti and Dessing, Natural Killer Cell Protocols, by Kerry S. Campbell, Marco Colonna

Intracellular Calcium, Chapter 10 of Guide to Flow Cytometry Methods, by W. McLean Grogan, James M. Collins

Analysis of BCR Mediated Ca2+ Mobilization by Flow Cytometry. Brummer et. al, B Cell Protocols by Hua Gu, K. Rajewsky

Influx of Ca2+ Ions Using Indo-1. Methods in Cellular Immunology, 2nd Edition, by Rafael Fernandez-Botran, Václav Vtvika


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