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Download FlowJo v10

FlowJo installer downloads can be found here. Please download the correct version for your system (Mac or PC). Please note, the newer versions of FlowJo only support 64 bit operating systems. Most modern computers use 64 bit operating systems. 


PC Installation (Mac installation instructions following)

First, choose the appropriate PC version (see above) and download v10. Due to the many differences in computer operating systems, the images on this page may differ and not be in chronological order from the ones you see on your operating system. If you need assistance, please email us at or call 541-201-0022 for prompt assistance.

Once the download completes and you click on the download, do not be alarmed if you see this security warning (see below) as this may or may not occur. If this occurs, your system is working correctly and is normal. Click Yes to continue:




After you click on a FJ installer, you should see a dialog that looks like this:



Click “Save File”. The installer will begin downloading  and you should see a progress bar (the styling will be different among browsers):



Finally, when the installer download is 100% complete, double-click it to launch the downloaded file. You may sometimes see this security warning, which is normal:



Click “Run” to run the FlowJo installer. The InstallAnywhere application will begin the installation and you should see the following progress bar (see below). This step may take several seconds, or even a few minutes, depending on your computer.




Once the progress bar reaches 100% you will see a new installation screen asking you to select a language. Select your language from the dropdown menu and click “OK”.



Next you will see the Introduction screen; be sure to read the text (below), as this screen may look different on your operating system. Click “Next” to continue with installation.




The next screen is the Choose Install Folder. In the bottom right it asks “Where would you like to install FlowJo?” We recommend the default path C:Program FilesFlowJo. After making your selection, click “Next”.



The following screen will ask you about shortcut placement. The FlowJo installer allows you to place a shortcut for FlowJo into any place on your computer you like. If this is a computer workstation with many users, you may want to select “Create Icons for All Users”. This will make an icon for FlowJo in every user’s folder. When finished making your selections, click “Next”.



The next screen will be the Pre-Installation summary screen. This screen shows the choices you have made so far. If you need to make changes, you can click the “Previous” button to return to any of the previous pages. Otherwise, click “Install”: (version 10 is a Java application so the installer will install the Java Runtime Environment and the FlowJo related files).



The following progress screen will appear. This step may take a while.



Once the installation finishes you will get the Install Complete screen. Click “Done”. Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed FlowJo v10!



For any problems or troubleshooting with the installation process please let us know how far you got and email us at


Mac Installation

First download v10 for Mac OSX. Depending on your browser, you may get an icon at the bottom left showing the FlowJo-OSX64-10.X.dmg file being downloaded (Chrome) or a pop-up screen asking you what you want to do with the file (Firefox). Or simply download the file to your downloads folder (Safari).

If using Firefox, select “Save File”. The file will download to your downloads folder.

Once the FlowJo-OSX64-10.X.dmg file has finished downloading, open the FlowJo-OSX64-10.X.dmg from your browser or double click on the file in your downloads folder. A window will appear displaying both the FlowJo program icon and a folder named plugins.

Highlight both the Icon and the plugin folder, then drag and drop them to your Applications folder. FlowJo is now installed.

Double click on the FlowJo application within your Applications folder to open, or drag the FlowJo Icon from Applications to your Dock for quick access.

When you open FlowJo for the first time you may see the a warning that FlowJo is an application downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it? This is completely normal, just click Open

searching_applications   blank_skitch_document

After installing FlowJo on the computer, eject the installer.

If you have any trouble with installation please let us know by emailing

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy this release!

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