The BD CellView™ Lens plugin for FlowJo™ v10 provides the complete set of tools that allows you to visually explore all the image data captured and then exported from the BD FACSDiscover™ S8 cell sorter.

BD FACSChorus™ stores images associated with specific cells in a compressed format, Chorwave (CVW). The CellView™ plugin requires the images to be extracted from the compressed file which can be done using the BD CellView™ Image Extractor, installed either locally or used as a service in the BD Research Cloud. The images will be extracted as TIFF files. You can also use imaging data in other formats (jpg and png) from other cytometers or data sources to analyze them by using the plugin.

To start using the BD CellView™ Lens plugin, load your FCS sample file into a workspace and analyze the data as you normally would to identify a population of interest. Select that population, then choose the BD CellView™ Lens plugin from the Workspace –Plugins menu to create a plugin node for that population. The first use of the plugin in a workspace pops open the Event to Image File Mapping dialog box.