Welcome to FlowJo, a software application with an integrated environment for viewing and analyzing flow cytometric data.

The environment is presented as the Workspace, which contains a list of loaded samples (experimental data), statistics, gates, and other analyses, as well as tabular and graphical layouts. The workspace is saved as a FlowJo document on your hard disk; when you reopen the document, you will see your analysis as it was when it was last saved.

Our web manual is a search-able set of pages which explains the many features and functions in FlowJo. Please use the navigation bar at left to explore, and note that pressing the question mark button in any window in the FlowJo application will launch a web browser and access a help page relevant to that window.

As a note, we are pleased to be able to frequently update FlowJo to provide new features and analysis capabilities. Therefore, we always recommend that you download the most recent version of FlowJo from: www.flowjo.com/solutions/flowjo/downloads

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