Use this view to create and organize your workflows.

Data Browser

Use these lists to choose which workflows are displayed in the Workflow List. Because you may be using FlowJo Envoy to manage a large amount of work, this part of Workflow Filter view lets you focus in on an area of interest by filtering out what you don’t need to see.


This field shows the name of the currently-selected group. All workflows and other data you have access to are part of a group, only member of the group can see them. If you have access to more than one group, you can switch groups by clicking this field and selecting another group from the list.

Project List

This list displays all the projects in the current group.

Clicking All-Projects turns off filtering while keeping the gray highlight that shows what items the selection is part of. To de-select All-Projects, click a project in the Project List.

Study List

This list shows all the studies in the currently selected project.

  • If All-Projects is selected, this list displays all the studies in the current group.
  • If All-Projects is de-selected, this list displays all the studies in the selected project.

To de-select a study, click any project in the Project List.

Workflow List

This list shows all workflows that conform to all filters set in the Data Browser.

  • If a search string has been entered in the Search field, only workflows with that search string in their filename appear in the Workflows List.
  • If a project is selected in the Projects List, only workflows in that project show in the Workflow List.
  • If a study is selected in the Studies List, only workflows in that study show in the Workflows List.

These settings are cumulative. For example, if there are many workflows in the currently highlighted study, you can enter a search string to narrow the list down still further.

  • If a project is selected in the Projects List that contains more than one study and none of the studies are selected:
    • All workflows in all the studies in that project show in the Workflows List.
    • The Project that contains the selected study is highlighted gray.

To learn more about a specific workflow, double-click the workflow to view that workflow in Workflow Detail view.

Search Field

Use this field to locate a workflow by name. To locate workflows, type text into this field. It is not necessary to press Enter; as you type, workflows with filenames that do not match the search text disappear from the file list. For more information on how to use this field, see Search.

Action Button

Use this menu to display the Action menu, which provides commands for manipulating many elements of FlowJo Envoy’s data hierarchy. For more information on these commands, see Action Menu.

Help Button

This button displays the official FlowJo Envoy help site (this site) in a new browser window.


Above the top left corner of each workflow is the name of that workflow.

Last Modified Date

Below the title of each workflow is the date the workflow was last modified by a registered FlowJo Envoy user.