Dear FlowJo serial number license user,

We want to advise you that due to technical maintenance, the off-line FlowJo serial number that you are using will need to be updated if you want to use the newest release versions (9.7.7 and 10.0.8) which are available for download. Should this affect you, we will be happy to quickly renew the FlowJo serial number license.

One-year FlowJo serial number licenses  will be renewed for the length of  the time remaining on the license.  With the ongoing, permanent  FlowJo serial number licenses, a new serial number will be issued for a year and renewed on the anniversary of this new serial number. If you receive a serial number error message,  please contact us so that we can renew the serial number for you:  or call us at [+1] 541-201-0022


Thank you for using FlowJo and we look forward to hearing from you.

FlowJo Customer Service