FlowJo version 10 introduces a number of new features into the Layout Editor to make it look and feel more like a graphics program.  One challenge experience by current FlowJo user using  older FlowJo versions is the ability to quickly generate graphics for publications or presentations inside FlowJo.  Version 10 introduces rulers, drag guides, graphic properties, rich text and several other drawing tools.

FlowJo version 10 provides page rulers with page breaks.  The page breaks will default to a page size of 8×11.  If you adjust the page breaks, you will adjust the ruler to maintain the 8×11 page size.  For example, if I drag the page breaks to provide a larger layout area, the graphics will take up less space.






Drag Guides

Under the edit tab, you can also ‘Show Guides’.  This will provide the ability to line up graphics, shapes and text boxes.  You can also use all the alignment features.




Rich Text, Objects and Graphic Properties

In the layout editor, in version 10 of FlowJo, you can now make text boxes and type right in the text box.  You can also create new objects (circles, diamonds, rectangles, triangles).



You can then add texture, gradients, shadow effects, change opacity and rotate anything under the Object tab in the layout editor.