Text to FCS (Txt2FCS)

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Text To FCS is a utility plugin that ships with FlowJo to allow dragging of CSV and Image files directly into FlowJo. Since it is included in FlowJo no additional download or installation is necessary.

  • CSV files support a header row with parameter names followed by numerical-only cells. The range for the parameters will be automatically determined. Floating point values are supported. Values must be comma separated.
  • IMG files supported are basic 24bbp bitmaps – ¬†JPG, PNG, GIF etc.

How to use:

  • Drag files from file system to a FlowJo workspace (“Drag Samples Here”.) FlowJo will convert the data from the original format to binary FCS data.
  • Small samples will be automatically added, but larger files may have to be dragged in after the conversion step.


Version History:


– floating point support
– basic image filetypes support (GIF/PNG/JPG)


– Added commas to byteorder value (1,2,3,4 vs 1234)


– standardized keyword names to match FCS3.0 spec
– fixed minor bugs with parsing text files
– improved handling of unexpected negative numbers (by replacing them with value specified in “offset”).