Accessing FlowJo Envoy

To access FlowJo Envoy, use any web browser to access Upon accessing the site, the sign-in dialog box displays:

Sign In

If you are already a registered FlowJo Envoy user, do the following:

In the FlowJo Envoy sign-in dialog box, fill out the Email and Password fields with the credentials you received from FlowJo, LLC, and click Sign In.

  • If you entered an incorrect email or password, an error message appears, and you are prompted to try again. If you enter an incorrect email or password three times, you are presented with a Captcha. Follow the Captcha’s instructions to sign in.
  • If you entered the correct email and password, you are signed into FlowJo Envoy, and Workflow Filter view appears.

To learn how to navigate between FlowJo Envoy’s views once you are signed in, see Navigate between Views.

Sign Out

  1. From any FlowJo Envoy screen, in the header, click the User button. This button appears as a square icon with your initials.
  2. On the menu, choose Sign Out.
    You are signed out of FlowJo Envoy, and returned to the sign-in dialog box.

Create Account

If you are not a registered FlowJo Envoy user, you need to request access from FlowJo, LLC:

  1. Click the link at the bottom of the dialog box to request access. The access request form appears:
  2. Fill out all fields in the form, and click Submit.
    The form is sent to FlowJo Licensing, which processes your request. You will receive a response with more information within a few business days.

Recover a Lost Password

If you have lost your password or email address, do the following:

  1. Click Forgot Password.
    The FlowJo Cloud Password recovery screen appears, and you are prompted to input an email address.
  2. Input an email address at the prompt where you can receive an email.
    An email is sent to the address you supplied.
  3. Follow the instructions in the email.