A workflow is a series of experimental steps required to produce results in a scientific study. To learn more about workflows, see Workflows.

Workflows can be administered to notify individuals responsible for steps in the process, and to indicate progress or status of that process.

Start a Workflow

Once a workflow is created, its state is Pending, indicating that no steps have been started.

To start the workflow, click Start Workflow. Start Workflow

  • The first step’s state changes to Running.
  • FlowJo Envoy sends a notification to the step assignee alerting them to the change in the step’s state.

Stop Work on a Workflow

If some problem requires work on a workflow to stop, click Suspend Workflow. Suspend Workflow

  • The workflow state changes to Suspended. While a workflow is suspended, no step state can be changed.
  • You are prompted to add a comment that will be included in the body of notifications that will be sent to the workflow owner and all step assignees.
  • FlowJo Envoy sends notices to the workflow owner and all step assignees alerting them to the change in the step’s state.

Resume Work on a Workflow

When work can continue on a suspended workflow, click Start Workflow to lift the suspension.Start Workflow

  • Once the suspension is lifted, all steps and the workflow return to the state they had when the workflow was suspended.
  • FlowJo Envoy sends notices to the workflow owner and all step assignees alerting them to the change in the workflow’s state.

Rename a Workflow

  1. In Workflow Filter view or Explore view, select the workflow you want to rename.
  2. From the Action menu, choose Rename.
    The Rename dialog box appears.
  3. In the Name field, type a new name.
    Workflow names cannot contain the following characters: ^ / : * ? ” < > \ |.
    Because this name will appear in other contexts, such as in notifications, workflow names should be unique and descriptive.
  4. Click Rename.
    FlowJo Envoy renames the workflow.

Comment on a Workflow

Any registered FlowJo Envoy user can comment on a workflow using a bulletin board-style list in Workflow Detail view. This can be useful for leaving a message for the next operator, such as letting them know about an unexpected result, reporting an error in the instructions, or any other event that is not important enough to stop work on the process.

Note: Comments are attached to the workflow, not to a specific step. If you want to comment on a step, mention it in the comment.

Add a Comment

  1. Click the Compose box, and type your comment.
    Comments can be 273 characters in length.
  2. When you are satisfied with your comment, click Post.
    FlowJo Envoy adds the comment to the Comment List.

Administer Instructions for a Workflow

Designate Instructions for a Workflow

Note: More than one file can be designated as instructions for a workflow.

  1. In Workflow Detail View, in the Workflow Information panel, click the plus button next to Instructions.
    A drop-down menu appears listing the files attached to this workflow.
  2. Click the name of the desired file.
    The filename adds the file, and the filename appears next to Instructions.

Remove Instructions from a Workflow

In Workflow Detail View, in the Workflow Information panel, click the down arrow next to the name of the file you want to remove.
FlowJo Envoy removes the filename from the list of instructions next to Instructions.

Additional Tasks

For instructions on the following tasks, see Create a Workflow.

  • Reorder Steps
  • Rename a Step
  • Add an Instrument to a Step
  • Add an Assignee to a Step
  • Delete a Step

To learn more about workflows, see Workflows.