Notifications are email messages thatFlowJo Envoy automatically sends to alert users that something has changed in a workflow or that something in a workflow requires attention. Notifications are only sent to users who are designated as responsible for the step or workflow that has changed.

This capability allows a team to know the state of a workflow and its steps at all times. There is no need to actively check the workflow’s state, and no need for the users that made the changes to remember to notify the team or remember who needs to be notified.

Changes that generate a notification include:

  • A workflow you own changes state (to running, suspended, done, and so on). For more information on workflow states, see Workflows.
  • A step you are assigned to changes state (to running, blocked, done, and so on). For more information on step states, see Steps.
  • You are assigned to a step, or a step you are assigned to is reassigned to someone else.
  • A comment is posted to a workflow.

Note: A change to a step is a change to a workflow; workflow owners receive notifications of changes to steps in the workflow.

Every notification includes critical information in the email’s subject line, including the name of the item and the new state. In many cases, you can learn what you need to know from the subject line alone.

Note: Depending on your region, some of this information may not appear on your notifications.

Every notification about a state change includes:

  • The name and description of the item that changed (workflow and step).
  • The item’s owner or assignee.
  • The item’s previous state.
  • The item’s present state.

Every notification about a new comment includes:

  • The name and description of the workflow commented on.
  • The workflow’s owner or assignee.