In most cases, the item you last selected determines where FlowJo Envoy performs the next action you choose. This means you should select the item you want to act on before beginning the command or operation.

For Filtering

While All-Projects is de-selected, all list views only show items belonging to the selected item above them in the hierarchy.

For example: Selecting a study in the Study List in Workflow Filter view limits the Workflow List to workflows that are part of that study.

See Explore View and Workflow Filter View for more about list views and All-Projects.

For Workflows

Workflow selection is preserved between workflow views, but not between workflow views and Explore view.

For example: You select a workflow called Workflow 1 in Explore view, and switch to Workflow Filter view and select a workflow called Workflow 2. If you switch to Workflow Detail view, it will show the details for Workflow 2. However, if you switch back to Explore view, Workflow 1 is still selected there.

For Files

  • When you upload a file, the file uploads to the current selection, whether that selection is a project, study, workflow, or folder.
  • If you move, copy, or delete a file, the operation is performed on whichever file or files are selected at the time.
  • If you create an item while another item further up the hierarchy is selected, the new item is created within the selected item.