Laboratory facilities create a lot of data and manage a lot of processes. FlowJo Envoy provides you, your lab, and your collaborators with a structure to view, organize, and share these processes and the data they both require and create, as well as the responsibilities of the people charged with carrying out the work. You can also notify personnel responsible for the work when the work needs to begin, when it is complete, and when problems prevent the work from being carried out.

For more about FlowJo Envoy’s data hierarchy, see Data Structure.

Workflow Views

Workflows are the heart of FlowJo Envoy, just as they are crucial to scientific work. The workflow views are about keeping track of what you and your people do. Groups, projects, and studies are layers to help you organize the work, but workflows are the work.

For more about what a workflow is, see Workflows.

For instructions on creating a workflow, see Create a Workflow.

For instructions on managing the tasks in a workflow, see Administer a Workflow.

Workflow Filter View

This view focuses on the workflow as a whole. If you’re a lab manager, principal investigator, or someone else in charge of the overall work in a lab, you’ll probably spend a lot of your time here. In a similar way to the file system on a computer, this view lets you navigate through the organization, but it also lets you see the workflow itself at a high level.

Workflow Filter view

Use this view to:

  • Find a workflow
  • Copy a workflow
  • Move a workflow to a different project or study
  • Create a new workflow
  • Quickly check the status of a workflow

For more details on Workflow Filter view and the parts that make it up, see Workflow Filter View.

Workflow Detail View

This view focuses on the work within a specific workflow. If you operate a flow cytometer or related equipment, you’ll probably spend a lot of your time here. This view goes deeper than Workflow Filter view, giving you access to the details of the individual steps of the workflow.

Workflow Detail view

Use this view to:

  • View and change the settings of a workflow
  • Start work on a workflow or step
  • Check the status of a step
  • Report that work is completed on a step
  • Stop work on a step if there is a problem
  • Upload and download files
  • Review comments posted to a workflow
  • Post a comment on a workflow

For more details on Workflow Detail view and the parts that make it up, see Workflow Detail View.

Explore View

The purpose of Explore view is to organize everything a laboratory does. This view works like the file system on a computer, but is designed for laboratory work.

Explore View

Use this view to:

  • Create projects and studies
  • Organize projects, studies, folders, and files
  • Find projects, studies, workflows, folders, and files
  • Upload and download files

For more details on Explore view, see Navigate the Explore View.